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Q : What is so unique about your herbs and why are there two different categories of cancer herbs?
We believe all cancers are different and no two individuals are exactly the same. Therefore we developed different cancer formulas for each tumor type.

We designed the Supplemental Formula because there are different body conditions/manifestation. The Supplemental Formulas are designed to correct the yin and yang deficiency/imbalance of the bodies caused by cancer and/or conventional treatments. The combination of Cancer Formula and Supplemental Formula provide you the most benefit the herbs can offer.

Q : How long does one bottle last?
Each bottle contains 120 capsules. The recommended dosages for most of the formulas are 5 capsules each time three times a day. Therefore, generally speaking one bottle lasts 8 days.

Q : How do I take the capsules?
Take the capsules before or after each meal. It is better absorbed if taken before meals. If it bothers your stomach, e.g. mild nausea or stomach discomfort, we suggest that you take them after meals. Please refer to the label on the bottle for quantity of capsules taken each time.

Q : Do I take the Cancer Formula and the Supplemental Formula together?
Yes. If you are unable to swallow all of the capsules at one time, you may take three or four capsules at a time with 20 minutes in between.

Q : I can not find the Supplemental Formula that best describes my body condition, what do I do?
Begin by ordering the Cancer Formula for your diagnosis only. Since long term usage of the Cancer Formula might lower your energy level, please review your body condition from time to time. Should you experience low energy level, please revisit the Supplemental Formula again.

Q : How long do I take the Supplemental Formula?
The Supplemental Formulas are designed to correct the symptoms described in their usage. Take them until the symptoms are corrected. Then you may either discontinue taking the formula or decrease to two to three capsules three times a day.

Energy deficiency type may change in the course of the disease and/or conventional treatment, change to a different supplemental formula accordingly.

Q : Can people without cancer take the Supplemental Formula?
Yes. The Supplemental Formulas are designed to boost energy and correct the yin and yan deficiency/imbalance for everyone. Review the symptoms to decide which formula to order.

Q : Do I take the herbs during chemotherapy?
The suggestion is to NOT take the herbs the day before, during and after your chemotherapy treatment to minimize the possibility of interaction with chemotherapeutic agents. However, there is no scientific evidence so far that our herbs would cancel the effect of chemotherapy.

Q : Do I take the herbs during radiation?
If the radiation is for palliation, you can continue taking the herbs. If the radiation is for primary and curative treatment please do not take the herbs during radiation. Start the herbs after the radiation is completed.

Q : I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and will undergo surgery, when should I start taking your herbs?
Start by taking the supplemental formula a week after the surgery for two to three weeks if you do not have nausea and you are on a regular diet, then start the cancer formula for your tumor type.

If you have nausea or other gastrointestinal problems, please wait till problems resolve before starting the herbs.

Q : I am taking high blood pressure medicine, can I take the herbs?
It is unlikely that herbs will raise your blood pressure. Please monitor your blood pressure and consult your physician if it is too high.

Q : I am a diabetic, can I take the herbs?
Yes, but you need to monitor your blood sugar closely for the first two weeks. Consult your physician if the blood sugar is high.

Q : I am on blood thinner medication, what should I do?
Take the herbs as regular dietary supplement. Ask your doctor to monitor your protime closely.

Q : How do I take the herbs if I am taking other medications?
It is recommended not to take the herbs at the same time with your other medications. Take them thirty minutes to one hour apart.

Q : Can pregnant women take the herbs?
It is recommended that pregnant women do NOT use the herbs.

Q : Can children take herbs?
These herbs are designed for patients fifteen years or older.

Q : What should I do if the herbs cause diarrhea?
Herbs have a tendency to cause loose bowel movement. If it is only loose, you can continue the herbs. If diarrhea occurs after you start the herbs, cut the dosage to one half and gradually increase back to the suggested dosage when diarrhea lessens. If diarrhea is serious and persistent, or if there are undesirable effects or allergic reactions, please stop usage of the herbs.

Q : What should I do if I have poor tolerance for the herbs?
Some people may experience nausea or fatigue. Discontinue use of the herbs for a few days and restart with two to three capsules three times a day. If you really can not tolerate the herbs, please discontinue completely.

Q : What are the potential side effects of the herbs?
Mild nausea, stomach upset and diarrhea may occur. If your energy level is lower after using the herbs, you may not be using the right kind. Please visit our web site again for instructions.

Q : What are the potential effects if children take the herbs by mistake?
Please keep all of your medications including our herbs from reach of children for safety reason. Do not change the containers of your medications/herbs for proper identification. Accidental ingestion of two or three times the recommended dosage should not cause problems, but please contact a physician should this occur.

Q : What would happen if I miss taking the herbs a few days?
It is recommended not to skip the herbs except during chemotherapy and radiation. But skipping a day or two will not greatly compromise the effects of the herbs.

Q : What kind of effects do I expect from your herbs and how long should I keep taking them?
For patients with active cancer, it is recommended to use these herbs long-term if you feel the benefit. Response to herbs is not the same as response to chemotherapy. Stabilization of cancer and slight regression of cancer are considered good results. Even if cancer progresses, but at a very slow rate, continuing the herbs is recommended.

For patients with a cancer diagnosis at earlier stages or who are currently in remission, but with a high recurrence risk, using these herbs intermittently or continuously maybe beneficial too.

Q : Is there any data to prove the effects of the herbs?
Our formula is not FDA approved and there is no scientific data regarding their effects. However, there are many anecdotal case reports in China and from our own medical practice. There are data in animal models and cell cultures showing tumor inhibiting effects. Some prestigious US hospitals are also using Chinese herbs and clinical trials are underway.

Q : Do the herbs replace my radiation and/or chemotherapy treatment?
NO. The herbs do not replace any of your conventional treatments

Q : Should I take your herbs to prevent cancer?
No. These herbs are not for cancer prevention. However, for those patients with a history of cancer but currently in remission, it is our belief that these herbs are beneficial if used over an extended period of time, i.e. months to years.

Q : Do your herbs cure cancer?
No. Anecdotally, long and durable remissions are possible. Our focus is to prolong life and to improve quality of life.

Q : How do I contact you if I have a question?
If there is question not covered by the FAQ, please fax us your question at (513) 489-7692 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q : What is your return policy?
Herbs can be returned within 90 days if the seals on the caps of the bottles remain intact. We will credit your credit card account.

Q : How can I purchase herbs?
Please call (513)-528-2900 extension 5 to order.

This information is not intended to medically prescribe or promote the sale of any herbs or supplements over prescription medicines or to replace qualified medical health care. The company assumes no responsibility if you prescribe for yourself or if you change the recommended dosages on your own. If you have, or think you have, a condition, which requires medical attention you should immediately seek help from medical professionals. FDA has not evaluated this statement and these products are not intended for prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease.   

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