Coughs can be very unpleasant, straining muscles, disturbing sleep, and leaving you utterly exhausted. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners believe that coughs can be caused by either external pathogens or internal functional imbalances.

Coughs caused by external pathogens can be recognized by their sudden onset and short duration. Coughs resulting from internal functional imbalances, meanwhile, tend to develop more gradually, last longer, and are more likely to turn chronic. In both cases, pathogens target the protective qi of the body – its immune system – which is governed by the lungs.

Treating Coughs With Traditional Chinese Medicine

In order to treat a cough, TCM physicians first need to determine its root cause, taking into consideration the main characteristics of the cough, such as its sound, the part of the day it is most frequent, and the color and texture of the sputum.

Treatment for Coughs in Cincinnati

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