Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy Help Women with Infertility Problems

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“Thank you Dr. Sheng and staff for all you have done for me in the process of fertility treatments. Your kind words and treatments helped us to conceive. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and doing great.”

-Bonnie (Cincinnati, OH)

How Does Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy Work For Women With Infertility Problems?

Studies have shown that using natural medicine through acupuncture given as a complement to IVF is an effective support and increases the rate of success of in vitro fertilization as well as increased men and women’s chances of getting pregnant by putting the body’s reproductive processes in sync. of achieving pregnancy. Acupuncture is a relatively non-toxic and affordable type of integrative medicine.

The ancient Chinese felt that diseases arise from imbalance and deficiency of energy. Infertility may be due in part to imbalance of the energy in different energy pathways and organs.  By enhancing energy flow to the different organs (including the reproductive organs) and channels and balancing the yin and yang, acupuncture can improve the energy level and balance of the entire body and specifically the reproductive system.  By improving circulation it makes tissue healthier. The improved blood flow provides more nutrients to the uterus and carries away more waste products creating a healthier environment.

Our experience shows that after a series of acupuncture sessions, the uterine lining will typically thicken upon ultrasound examination.  This phenomenon suggests that the entire reproductive system is better prepared for pregnancy.  After a series of acupuncture treatments, many patients report that they feel more relaxed with better energy.

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Acupuncture and Hormones

Studies have shown that acupuncture treatments can reduce stress. Also, acupuncture can help getting the body’s hormone production in the right order so that a healthy ovulatory cycle can be achieved.

Acupuncture treatments and Infertility

On the average, 6 to 8 sessions are recommended. Two acupuncture treatments are provided per week during the month before the infertility procedure.

Lying on a recliner, very thin needles are inserted into your acupuncture points where they will remain for 45 minutes. Bring your own soothing music and relax during the entire session.

Chinese Herbal Therapy and Infertility

Although not as well accepted as acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy may also help infertility and have been used in China for thousands of years too.  In contrast to western medicine which focuses mostly on structures and reproductive endocrinology, Chinese medicine emphasizes the balance and harmony of inner energy.  There are unique concepts in Chinese medicine not familiar to western practitioners such as Yin-Yang imbalance which maybe characterized by Yin deficiency (poor sleep, mental irritability, dry mouth), Yang deficiency (very cold, fatigue, lack of sexual desire), Qi deficiency or Qui and/or blood stagnancy. These energy deficiency/disharmony patterns may also contribute to infertility. Herbal therapy may improve the Qi, balance the Yin and the Yang, invigorate blood and help mobilize blood and Qi and makes the entire reproductive system ready for pregnancy.

Frequently, a mixture of herbs are used rather than a single herb, in order to achieve inner balance and harmony.  For those currently undergoing IVF or IUI, herbs maybe used only if your fertility specialist gives you permission to do so.  It has not been well studied if these herbs would interact with hormonal agents used for fertility.

For those who wish to become pregnant and have some constitutional weakness, I would strongly recommend that you consider Chinese herbs. Please read Fertility and Chinese Herbs.