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If you wonder where to find a good acupuncturist, visit Dr. Peter Sheng for the following reasons:

  1. Experience: Having learned from world renowned acupuncture masters in his youth and continuously sharpened his knowledge and skill, Dr. Sheng has provided over 50,000 acupuncture sessions in over three decades in Cincinnati for a variety of medical problems.
  2. Integration of Eastern and Western Medicine: As a licensed physician and an academician, his knowledge in western medicine, especially in neurophysiology and neurobiology gives him better understanding how acupuncture works and allows him to give his patients quicker results and durable benefit. His ability to integrate eastern and western medicine makes acupuncture a pragmatic and cost-effective solution for many of his patients.
  3. Distal Method: Dr. Sheng uses predominantly the distal method where needles are inserted away from the area of problem. This is a more comfortable method and preferred by many patients and allows Dr. Sheng to target several symptoms at the same time. Most tiny needles are inserted below the knees and the elbows. It is very safe and most patients don’t feel the needle insertion.

Preparation for Acupuncture

• Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes.
• Do not eat a large meal before you come.
• Do not come in a hurry.
• Bring your own relaxing music.
• Come with calm spirits and a happy mood.
• Do not exert yourself after the treatments



Chinese Herbs

TeleMedicine Chinese Herbal consults are available. Please call Call (513) 528-2900 to set up an appointment.

There is a GNC store in just about every shopping mall and many of us get advice from friends, relatives, magazines and people who work in health food and herbal stores. Many questions remain unanswered: duration of usage, optimal dosage or dose range, potential interaction with other herbs and prescription drugs, response or success rate, etc. After all according to FDA regulations, herbs and nutritional supplements are not used to diagnose, treat or cure diseases.

Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years in China. Physicians well trained in traditional Chinese medicine take a history from patients first and then examine the patient with particular attention given to the tongue and the pulse examination before prescribing herbal remedy. An herbal prescription usually consists of multiple herbal ingredients, put together to address multiple issues at the same time. This kind of practice has been likened to a football game rather than a single tennis match. There is usually one main herb (sometimes several), just like the quarterback, depending on the purpose of treatment. Multiple other herbs are also present in the prescription to assist the quarterback in working synergistically to enhance the effects and also to decrease side effects. The herbal prescription will be changed in a few days or in several weeks upon return visit depending on new developments in one’s energy status and response to the first prescription. Herbs are put in different classes depending on their main properties, some to clear up heat/inflammation to improve digestion, others to boost the energy level or to balance the yin and yang imbalance, etc. The purpose is to restore balance and harmony. Once the goals are met, herbs are discontinued.

Dr. Sheng has been prescribing herbs to patients with personalized approach for many years. With his newly improved skills in pulse diagnosis in recent years, he is helping more patients to get quick results through herbal usage, which, if supervised and directed by experienced physicians, is very safe. Herbs are processed in Taiwan by reputable companies meeting CGMP standards; and herbs are used for only a short period of time.

Integrative Oncology Consult

If you have a cancer diagnosis, early or advanced (spread to other parts or the body), you have medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and surgeon to answer your questions of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Do you have a healing partner to address issues such as:

Do you have intense inflammation in your body which may adversely affect your prognosis?

Do you know if you are under intense oxidative stress, your cancer may behave more aggressively?

Do you know cancer cells like sugar? Do you know how to eat right?

How do deal with lack of sleep and anxiety?

If you are exploring natural options to supplement your healthcare, congratulations!

Like millions of other Americans, you are taking a more active role in managing your health. Complementary integrative therapies have never been more popular, and using them safely and responsibly takes an experienced, qualified professional. The problem we see when it comes to holistic cancer care is – Many practitioners in complementary and alternative medicine do not necessarily have in depth understanding of cancer medicine, and many oncologists do not incorporate any complementary approach in the cancer care.


Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis(PD) is a major tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to assess one’s health condition. It is several thousand years old and a lot more detailed examination of the pulse compared to your visit to the western medicine doctor’s office. It offers important information as far as how to improve your health.

You may be asking the following questions:

• What is holistic medicine and how is it practiced?
There is lack of “personalized care” in western medicine and the more and more, physicians follow the guidelines, the pathways, and the protocols.

• Healthcare is becoming so expensive, is there any cost-effective approach?
TCM based PD is pragmatic and inexpensive.

• I have multiple complaints and I have multiple specialists, but no one gives me a clear answer.
The current health care is too fragmented and it is built on subspecialty care. You need someone to tie your multiple problems together. PD can help.

• My problem has been worked up extensively and I am on maximal medications but I still do not feel good. Is there room for improvement?
The answer to the question is YES by TCM. There may be deficiency or imbalance of your body constitution that is not recognized by western medicine but it is detectable by PD.

• Where is preventive medicine?
In western medicine, one has to be sick enough to be called sick. In other words, one has to fulfill certain diagnostic criteria to be recognized as sick. In TCM, health and illness represent a continuum, PD can yield the clues and the subclinical disorders can be addressed.

The Anatomy of Pulse Diagnosis

We take the radial pulse from both wrists with three fingers (2nd, 3rd and 4th) of each hand. Each finger position gathers different health information. Practitioners apply different pressure to the pulse and check the pulse at different levels, superficial, middle and deep. Imagine the blood vessel as a 3-dimensional structure. The pulse pattern is a summary of heart’s pumping condition, circulatory blood, volume, fluid dynamics, vascular tone etc; and the pulse offers different information from heart examination by echocardiogram.

In summary, even with today’s sophisticated medical instruments and imaging techniques, doctors do not necessarily always see every abnormality in human bodies. The pulse patterns can complement western medicine as a simple diagnostic tool and also guide use of Chinese herbs. It is cost effective and I wish more physicians incorporate it in their daily practice.

Of course I have only touched the surface of PD which many TCM practitioners study for their entire life. Correct interpretation takes practice. An excellent doctor needs to put all the available information together, including heart rate, BP etc and the pulse. For the past several years, Chinese PD has empowered me to be a good TCM doctor. I understand my patients’ sufferings better and I am seeing better clinical results in my daily practice.


Another very old healing art, originated in China, now widely used by practitioners in many countries, is used as an adjunct by Dr. Sheng to acupuncture for chronic upper and lower back pain and neck pain.

Plastic cups of different sizes are applied to skin surface of upper or lower back. A vacuum is created after the air is sucked out of the cup by a syringe. Cupping is used in conjunction with acupuncture for musculo-skeletal pain. Patients might see dark purple bruising at site of cupping afterwards which is normal and no need to be concerned.

Bengston’s Style Energy Healing

Dr. Sheng has learned from Dr. Bill Bengston the Laying-on-of-hands technique. Different from healing touch or Reiki, this style of energy healing is backed by animal research data and plenty of clinical anecdotes. Dr. Sheng frequently incorporates this energy healing in his approach to cancer patients, and other difficult clinical scenarios, such as pain management.

It is like healing touch or Reiki, Dr. Sheng puts his hands several inches above the upper abdomen or shoulders. A special mental technique is used based on Dr. Bill Bengston’s research (author of energy care).

For more details, please refer to Dr. Bill Bengston’s book – Energy Cure

Brief Nutritional Consult

As we all know, good nutrition contributes to good health. Bad or inappropriate eating habits or wrong choice of food play a huge role in our daily health problems. Dr. Sheng will briefly evaluate your special nutritional needs and make personalized recommendations to your diet to optimize your health.

Dr. Sheng is passionate about holistic care, rather than the ‘one symptom one drug’ approach. He has over thirty years of experience in oncology, including 23 years of private practice and over 10+ years as a consulting physician at Cincinnati Veterans Hospital as well as a volunteer clinical oncology professor in the University of Cincinnati Medical School. In this integrative oncology consult, he will review your diagnosis, treatment plan and then help you with a comprehensive treatment plan by incorporating nutrition, mind-body medicine, exercise and a personalized approach to herbal supplements based on Chinese pulse diagnosis.

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