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Acupuncture Fee Policy

  • For patients not covered under workers comp
  • Payments are due at sign in.
  • Cost of herbs is not part of the acupuncture services.
  • If you decide not to receive the acupuncture after the first discussion session, there will a fee of $40.00 for the visit.
  • The acupuncture service is provided under Authentic Acupuncture LLC, which is not contracted with any private insurance company, Medicare, or Medicaid.  Dr. Peter Sheng is not an in-network provider for his acupuncture service with any private insurance company, Medicare, or Medicaid.
  • No service will be filed to your insurance company.
  • If your insurance benefit covers acupuncture, Authentic Acupuncture, LLC will provide a copy of the bill for you to send to your insurance company.  Please ask for the bill at the end of your treatments.  The claim address should be listed on your insurance card or you can call the customer service phone number for the address.

For patients with Workers Comp

  • We will verify the coverage with your case manager.
  • If your coverage is verified, Peter Sheng MD Inc. will file the insurance claims for you.
  • If your coverage is not valid, you are responsible for the out of pocket charge at sign-in.
  • Cost of herbs is not part of the acupuncture services.

Herbal/Alternative Medicine Fee Policy

  • All herbal/alternative visits are self-pay.  Visits for alternative/herbal medicine are not covered services for insurance policies.
  • The charges depend on the amount of time the doctor spends on the visit
  • Payments are due at the end of visit.
  • Cost of herbs is not part of the services.
  • Special mix
  • If Dr. Sheng has to make special blend for your condition, the special blends are priced at $60.00 per bottle, and the special blend is not returnable.

Herbal Refills

  • For patients who need herb refills, you need to be evaluated by Dr. Sheng at least every two months.  This is for the patients’ benefit because your body conditions may change and there might be other health issues that Dr. Sheng needs to be aware of.
  • If a patient is scheduled for herbal or alternative consult, but decided to go for acupunctures during the consult, your visit will be charged at the rate of the new acupuncture visit.