Over 20 years of Experience in Chinese Herbal Medicine

Sensible Herbal Therapy, Personalized For You

Herbal therapies are used to complement acupuncture in Chinese medicine. It takes an experienced integrative physician to advise you on Chinese herbal formulas, as they are tailored to each individual’s condition. If you experience extreme fatigue, coldness, abdominal cramps, bloating, nervousness, or sleep problems, with the guidance of Dr. Sheng, the herbs can provide tremendous help.

The use of herbs is a vital part of traditional Chinese medicine. With hundreds of different formulas and manufacturers, it can be challenging to know which ones are safe and right for you. If you’re on prescription medication, you must be especially careful about using herbal remedies.

As a holistic medical doctor, Dr. Sheng can help. His approach to herbal therapy is highly customized… You won’t find any “catchall” formulas here. After a thorough examination and discussions with you or your primary healthcare providers, Dr. Sheng will recommend herbs to achieve specific and measurable goals for your health. He will work closely with your doctor to ensure your safety whenever an herbal remedy is recommended. If you’ve used herbal formulas before, without getting the results you expected or desired, a consultation with Dr. Sheng may be especially helpful for you.

Make sure to read the News for the newest information and case studies on the successes that herbal therapies and traditional Chinese medicine can achieve.

What Chinese Herbs Can Do For You

The Chinese herbs offered are custom compounds from one of the most reputable resources in the country. Depending on your unique needs, you may benefit from formulas that treat or improve symptoms of health issues like these:

  • PMS and menopause
  • Digestive disorders
  • Sleep problems
  • Acne and other skin problems
  • Fatigue and many more health concerns that keep you from feeling and functioning at your best
  • Enhanced energy
  • Treatment for digestive and all disease-related discomfort
  • Cancer and cancer treatment related side effects – please click here to visit Dr. Peter Sheng’s cancer integrative care site.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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