Dr. Sheng – Integrative Cancer Care Consultation – Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati Cancer Integrative and Holistic Care

If yo have a  cancer diagnosis, early or advanced (spread to other parts or the body), you have medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and surgeon to answer your questions of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  Do you have a healing partner to address issues such as:

Do you have intense inflammation in your body which may adversely affect your prognosis?
Do you know if you are under intense oxidative stress, your cancer may behave more aggressively?
Do you know cancer cells like sugar?  Do you know how to eat right?
How do deal with lack of sleep and anxiety?

Dr. Sheng’s comments on Cancer care:

“The reason we are not doing any better in cancer care is because, too often, we focus on just one or two aspects of cancer treatment. What else can we do besides surgery, chemotherapy and radiations?”

“If one takes good care of the inner metabolic environment, cancer growth may slow down.”

Missing Link of Traditional Cancer Care and Alternative Medicine

The problem we see when it comes to holistic cancer care is – Many practitioners in complementary and alternative medicine do not necessarily have in depth understanding of cancer medicine, and many oncologists do not incorporate any complementary approach in the cancer care.

Dr. Sheng – Cincinnati Ohio – Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy & Cancer Integrative Care

Dr. Sheng, a firm believer in an integrative approach to cancer care, is a board-certified medical oncologist with almost 30 years of clinical experience in eastern and western medicine. He has also studied nutritional science, functional medicine and Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) in recent years.

Cincinnati Cancer Care Consultation Information

Dr. Sheng has put together a practical, yet comprehensive plan based on modern research as well as energy medicine on your road to recovery.

There are two parts to the consultation. During the first 20 minutes, he will review your diagnosis and current treatment plan, discuss nutrition, and make recommendations on nutritional/herbal supplements. You will also learn some simple relaxation technique. The second part of the visit is a 40 minutes session of acupuncture. The cost of the complete consultation is $175.00, excluding cost of herbs and/or dietary supplements.

If you should decide only taking advantage of the first part of the consultation, the charge is $125.00, excluding cost of herbs and/or dietary supplements.

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