Fibromyalgia – Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

Many have written about fibromyalgia.  What I would like to do is to provide a very different perspective based on traditional Chinese medicine’s (TCM) view points.

If you have tried prescription medications such as anti-depressants and Lyrica, nutritional supplements, yoga, tai chi or others, only to no avail, you may want to consider acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  The very fundamental theoretical underpining of TCM is that vital energy or Qi needs to flow freely and abundantly in the energy channels, also called meridians.  If there is energy deficiency, imbalance and/or stagnation, one may suffer from pain or other disorders.

Acupuncture, as well as special herbal mixture, intend to boost and mobilize Qi to overcome the blockage.  The trigger points (10 of 18 to qualify for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia) may also represent points of energy blockage.

Sometimes, the term fibromyalgia is used too loosely to include many with just localized pain, the so called myofascial syndrome.  I have treated many people with pain in the neck, shoulder involving the Trapezius and Rhomboid muscles successfully with acupuncture and most of them were told previously that they had fibromyalgia.


Dr. Peter Sheng
Cincinnati Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health Care