Chinese Herbal Formula Natural Supplements For Lung Cancer

Our patent pending natural herbal supplement has been tested in lung cancer cell line culture; the preliminary result is a positive one that our herb formula does inhibit cancer cell growth significantly. Human clinical studies are being planned. Please contact us TODAY at 513-528-2900 to order this herbal formula, in powder or in capsules forms.

The following is a simple case history: A 65 year old white male with stage IV lung cancer ( mets to the liver) initially responded to four cycles of Platinum Doublet and Avastin. Disease recurred in the liver which was quite advanced when rescanned four months after the last cycle of initial therapy. Due to significant and rapid weight loss, patient was started single agent Alimta. At the same time the patient started my lung cancer herbal formula. He improved dramatically three weeks later with normalization of liver size and significant improvement of LFT’s.

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Facts about Lung Cancer

Worldwide, about 1.2 million people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, most of them in advanced stages with less than 20% of 5-year survival rate. In the United States, more people die from lung cancer than from cancer of colon, breast and prostate combined. We have made some progress in treatment. For earlier stages (I, II and earlier III) adjuvant chemotherapy improves survival by about 5%.  Through combination of targeted therapy and chemotherapy, one-year survival of 50% has been reported in well-selected stage IIIB and IV patient groups with excellent performance status. But most patients eventually succumb to the disease.

According to World Health Organization, there are 4 major types of lung cancer: Squamous, Adnocarcinoma, Large Cell and Small Cell.  The first 3 are usually grouped together and referred to as non-small cell lung cancer, accounting for 80-85% of all cases.

As we are making small progress in treatment, there are issues not well addressed, such as:

  • The quality of life is frequently not addressed in studies. Are our patients living longer and better also?
  • Those who have very poor performance status, as the harm of treatment may outweigh its benefit.
  • Those with stage III disease after finishing chemo-radiation as the average survival is about two (2) years.

Besides helping patients fighting cancer with herbs, I have been using combinations of acupuncture and energy-boosting herbs to speed up recovery after surgery or completion of chemo-radiation for stage III patients, and help minimizing side effects during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

This is a personalized medicine tailored to you. I would suggest you contact my office as soon as possible. I have seen many seriously ill lung cancer patients came to me at the very end of their disease and it was too late for me to help them.

Depending on your health condition, the cost of herbs is less than $200.00 per month. Contact our office for more information.